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Why You Should Be Giving Directly to Need

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When you donate to worthy causes, you help to change the world. Choosing which organizations to support can be difficult, however, because there are so many charities that do important work.

News stories about babies whose mothers have died of AIDS, people suffering in the wake of a natural disaster, or children starving due to famine almost always prompt a generous response from Canadians who can afford to give directly to need.

But one cause that gets little media attention is the problem of human trafficking. Every year, thousands of young girls are forced into slavery and prostitution. These girls usually come from very poor families in developing countries. They disappear from their lives and experience abuse and exploitation. If you can, give to a charity that helps to locate and reunite these girls with their families. Their need is urgent, and their suffering is real.
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Give Directly to Need

Donating to charity helps to make the world a better place. However, before you share your credit card number, do some research about the charity you’re planning to support. While the vast majority of charities that solicit funds are legitimate, you wouldn’t want to fall prey to scammers.

Checking Out Charities

In Canada, legitimate charities are listed on the website of the Canadian Revenue Agency. The listing will provide you with information about the budget and activities of the charity, including what percentage of funds raised are used for administration.
You may want to consider the effectiveness of the charity as well. Is the work they do important? Does it help those most affected by the problem? Are they taking steps to help solve the problem?

Donating Online

The fastest way to give is to donate online. Once you’re sure a charity is legitimate, you can use your credit card online to make a one-time donation, or to make monthly contributions. If you like, you can make your donation through a charity called Canada Helps, which allows you to give to any registered Canadian charity and offers ultra-secure options like PayPal and gift cards. 

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